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ROSEMARY: God. I wondered why you were such an ass.
LAMONT: My memories started returning after our Escherspace jump, and I thought it was too late. When I found Anka on Mars and she told me that Elizabeth was there too, in the Society, I had to do what I could to put our life back together. I had to try.
ROSEMARY: All this time, Elizabeth was part of the Society too?
LAMONT: We all are. But you know that, don’t you?



Did this expositional sequence answer any questions for you? It was meant to fill in some important details, especially in regard to the actual order of events in Lamont’s life, but it feels like it took way too long. I wish that I could manage a daily publishing schedule, but at least it looks like 3/week is maintainable again. I appreciate your patience and prayers for my continued sobriety. Be seeing you (Wednesday)! -e