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CAPTION (Minne): Denver picked us up so we could take a closer look.

YORK: Let’s take a full spectro so we can transmit it to Westward for analysis.

MINNE: Not enough time. I’m opening the hatch.

Minne dives into the water, where the organic object floats below.

An enthusiastic shout-out to Peter for becoming Westward’s first Model Citizen on Patreon!

Westward is produced using a combination of 2D art and 3D models. Some of the models, like that of Westward itself, represent hundreds of work hours and contain many hidden details that are never seen in the comic. At the Model Citizen tier, patrons are granted access to download Westward and other models in the easy-to-use Sketchup format. Literally walk the corridors of the ship, exploring every nook and cranny from the brig to the space lift!

Model Citizens are immediately be given access to the expansive Westward model. Over time, more models will be made available from the vault: Currently used models, models from the archive, and even never-used concepts!

Thanks, Peter!