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The Scientific Society, once a mysterious backdrop in Westward, is now taking an role in the center stage, and I’m having fun beginning to explore their dynamics. Incidentally, there are plenty of homages to classic sci-fi in Westward, but the customary farewell of the Scientific Society was shamelessly adopted wholesale. It’s just too perfect. -e


AMILA: You’re early. Is this–all from hydroponics?
MINNE: Yes, ma’am. Seaweed tonic with active cultures, protein biscuits. And algae cakes! Yuki wanted you to be the first to try them.
AMILA: You–shouldn’t have.
MINNE: Not true. Be seeing you.
FRANCIS: I didn’t know that one of the perks of your job is a personal assistant. Is it too late for me to renegotiate?
AMILA: It has nothing to do with me. Minne noticed that I live on coffee and took it upon herself to nurse me back to health.
FRANCIS: The Society youth are remarkable.
AMILA: You have no idea. Big day today, Francis. Shall we get started?