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westward_0722 A lot of the relationship between Mars and Earth has yet to be explored in Westward, but there have been several allusions to a less than rosy past. Carter, Faust, Schultz and Deimos (The First Scientist) have all mentioned a time when humans were subjected by Martians and revered them as giants if not gods. This is a template that seems to have been followed closely by Deimos, but interestingly enough not by his younger counterpart, Phobos. During his time with humans, he played a supporting role, using Martian technology to aid them in their endeavors. Of course, Ben doesn’t see it that way. Even before he discovered that the Escherspace engine Phobos built drew its navigational data from the Westward crew’s unknowing, subconscious minds, he believed that Phobos was manipulating humanity in true Martian form–just more subtly.

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