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Welcome to the first strip of Arizona! As a member of the Scientific Society, you’ll be able to enjoy these adventures long before anybody else does. You’ll also be able to share with me the unique and suspenseful thrill of embarking on a somewhat unpredictable journey as the story unfolds. Arizona has been with me a long time–longer, in fact, than most of the other Westward characters–but she is nevertheless something of a locked box, and I have a strong feeling that as I allow her world to expand, it will surprise me as much as anybody. For now, Arizona will be updated at least once a week, so it will take some time for the story to take shape. But keep in mind that the goal of the patronage that you have led the way in demonstrating is to expand Westward on all its fronts, Arizona included. I hope very much to be updating both more frequently in the future as more readers follow your lead. You have my deepest and most sincere thanks for making this possible. Excelsior! -e

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