Arizona Introduction


Arizona is a regularly updated comic strip that follows the adventures of Alice “Arizona” Donovan, first introduced in Westward’s 3rd episode, Purgatory. Alice is a teenage girl with a troubled past, a world of regrets and a mysterious ability that could mean the difference between Earth’s salvation or ultimate destruction. In Arizona, she wanders across the surface of an Earth in which reality itself has shattered into chaos and the remnants of humanity face an ancient, incorporeal enemy that feeds off their manifested fears–an enemy that no weapon can stand against except Arizona herself. But as she faces loss and betrayal, Arizona begins to realize that she may have less in common with her fellow humans than with the ghostly menaces and their mysterious agenda.

Arizona is produced in the same comic strip format as Westward and is published parallel to it, expanding on its story and filling in some of its important unanswered questions about Earth, its fate and its ultimate destiny. It is available only as exclusive bonus content for Patreon supporters.

If you are a Patreon supporter and have been provided with login credentials, you can see the entire archive of Arizona strips so far here.