• Homunclus

    That’s a very broken up moon…

  • bayareajohn

    I suggest you use normal typeface in the transcript section for the neomed conversation… Puzzling over a few words far too long wasn’t a positive experience.

    • Thanks for the constructive criticism, John! My idea was to convey a dialect that is difficult to understand but still recognizably rooted in English. It’s certainly possible that I didn’t find the right approach. However, I think I’d like to allow the story to play out over a few more strips before I change the style of the transcripts. In the meantime, it’s easy to translate by copying and pasting them into, say, a comment field, since it’s just a font face:

      BOY: Bethinks I perceive a ghostly flick’ring among the trees.
      OLD WOMAN: ‘Tis a trick of ye witche’s moon.
      BOY: Nay, but for certain some lights do hasten us-toward. Has ye covenant been broken?

      • bayareajohn

        Got it.
        The BETHINKS and us-toward were my major stops, neither being aktuwal werds… I was sure I had them rowng.

        Alternative suggestion: Put a mouse-over translation in the transcript for the challenge-averse. (White text… invisible, but highlights readable)

        • Good idea! I’ve updated the style so that it transforms to a more readable font when moused over.

          • bayareajohn

            That’s cool!