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Boy: (Pointing to a light in the twilight sky) There be it again! It moves about as if it follows no law but its own!
Old Woman: “…Wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.” Let us hasten home before some thing of evil befalls us.



…and we’re back! I haven’t completed the changes I’d like to make to the website to better accommodate the new format, but I figure you’ve waited long enough. Here we go!

  • Homunclus

    Well…their speech has become a tad garble hasn’t it?

    I assume this is…what was it called? Providence?

    • When we looked at the future of Providence (Colony Alpha), they had a dialectical twang, but nothing quite this extreme. Time will tell, but my sneak peek on Patreon should give you some clues, Homunclus!

      • Homunclus

        Oh yeah, I did see that…Guess I have no idea what is going on then.

        …man, it feels good to be back!

        • Thank you! I’m still getting my sea legs back, but very glad to be publishing again.

  • bayareajohn

    Maybe I got this, maybe not:
    “There be it again!”

    “It moves about as if it follows no law but its own!”
    “Let us hasten home — before something of evil befalls us.”
    (thanks, Google Translate)

    • bayareajohn

      Further opine:
      In addition to likely predating the Westward Ho’s, these folk appear to be part of the Schultzian Diaspora rather than the Grafeneckian Exodus.
      If they were Grafeneckian, they would speak German derivations, as did the ancient bots of Providence.
      Our author is way too organized to miss that.

      Coincidence happens in real life.
      In scripted fiction, there is little time to include the truly insignificant.
      As a result, presume that everything means something, and any effort to brush aside meaning signals SIGNIFICANCE.

      Corollaries: When the character says:
      “It’s not important”, it’s IMPORTANT.
      “I assume…”, the speaker is misinformed.
      “Don’t worry about it”, it may already be too late…

      • “What was that sound?”
        “It was probably nothing…”

    • Pretty much nailed it!