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ELIZABETH: You blew up the old ship! So that everyone back home would think that we’re dead.
BEN: Correction: So that Deimos would think that we’re dead–because that’s what he expected when he sabotaged the first Westward.
LAMONT: Elizabeth, wait–! This isn’t what I–
ELIZABETH: I wasn’t ready for this. Any of this.

Wishing a very happy new year to each of you! I have high hopes for Westward in 2018, and some details will be included with the next strip. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a new year’s resolution, look no further than my Patreon page. Your support makes a huge difference!

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Note that the gelatinous cubes have started getting much closer.
    They’re agents of Deimos!
    *Battle of the furniture begins*

  • Homunclus

    Martians are such rascals ain’t they?

    • The Grafenecks certainly think so!

      • Walex B

        In your story certainly Viktor, being a presumably a racist, was angry that the martians were in general quite speciesist against the humans. But I guess that he eventually got over that: if Ben realized after “seeing” Escherspace that the martians were playing on someone else’s board, presumably Viktor did too.

        • Very likely, though exactly what happened to Viktor is still a mystery. We do know that he’s still obsessed with purity.

    • Walex B

      Well, Deimos pretty much claimed to be a monster, and many martians in the past did consider humans as guinea pigs. Note also how the martians 4 billions years ago treated Alice when she appeared among them. However any large population will have significant factions, and while Phobos was condescending, he was trying to help humanity as people not as guinea pigs. Hopefully Ben got that, when Amila explained to him.

      • There are shades of gray, but Phobos and Deimos seem to be opposites, even if their stated goal is the same. Ben was never able to see beyond the red skin when Phobos was alive, though.

  • Walex B

    Ben here is a bit optimist — Westward second edition is full of Scientific Society members, and at least one of them will be a spy for Deimos and will have “phoned homed” that Westward is still around. Unless the ghosting device prevents even martian thought transmitters from working, which is plausible (as ghosting works presumably on Escherspace-like principles).

    • Maybe! But there has never been an example of a technology capable of interstellar communication in Westward so far, so it’s not a given.