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ELIZABETH: Save our lives from what?
BEN: You mean, from whom. And I mean from Deimos–the Martian madman you kids mistakenly call First Scientist.
ELIZABETH: You don’t know what you’re talking about! He’s never done anything to hurt us.
BEN: Yeah? What about the bomb he planted on this ship?

Merry Christmas!

  • Homunclus

    Happy Holidays everyone! May this be a good year for Westward.

  • bayareajohn

    Oh my. Edjamin just called Deimos out as the bad guy.
    I have to rethink everything, as Deimos is now almost certainly confirmed as the real hero….

    • Right is wrong! Up is down! Cats and dogs together! Babies having babies!

    • Blissex

      Deimos in strip 0970 says: “Children have been slaughtered to avert my wrath. At why *whim* civilizations rise and fall. Are you so foolish as your fathers — to believe there is anything you have that I cannot take away?” to poor little innocent “child lost in the woods” Ben Grafeneck. Note that this series series of nasty threats was in response to Ben saying just “My father has his vision. You have yours. But I’ve *seen* the truth. You’re playing this little chess game on somebody else’s *board*”. Which was not hostile, just pointing out that Deimos was not that important.
      The impression is that Deimos is a nasty character that reacts with extreme threats to even matter-of-fact assessment of his megalomania.
      Phobos was completely different: in strips 0621-0622 Francis mention how much Phobos restrains himself given the long habit of martians to lord over humans. Obviously Deimos instead consider humans as disposable guinea pigs. This leads Ben to accuse Phobos to have the same attitude in strip 0820 and then realizing he got manipulated into that by Deimos as Lamont says in strip 0924. Also notice that Deimos uses a monocle: classic “bad guy” trope :-).

      • bayareajohn

        My comment was intended as an ironic impeachment of Ben’s truthfulness. No doubt there is ample evidence that Deimos has issues. But Ben… Ben has issues.

        • Blissex

          «But Ben… Ben has issues.»

          Well, in strip 0608 Amila describes him as “he is *brilliant* and highly *creative*, chairman. But also *unambitious* and *antisocial*. I could not place him in a *leadership* position”. I suppose that he has accumulated a few more traits and shed some others.

          But poor Ben has a potential nemesis, and it is far scarier than Deimos, or ghosts: Alice. In Episode Three we have seen that the only guy to intrigue her has been “Sam”, petty robber, riding around the USA with a motorcycle, a gun, giving out swords as presents. She likes bad boys.
          Ben will have issues like he never imagined/hoped when Alice realizes that Ben rides around space and time with “Westward” which is an Escherspace-shattering bomb, murders martians for species revenge (and has said he is only “*Half* done” in strip 0915), gives out laser death rays as presents to friends, is the descendant of a mad nazi scientist, and his life’s goal is “Save humanity — and go home” (strip 0980). Our author will need to keep them apart or this will become a NFSW webcomic. 🙂

        • Blissex

          «But Ben… Ben has issues.»

          This made me remember a very mysterious strip 0941, which now seems to me Ben, before meeting his father on Mars, having a memory of a chat with his father many years ago, while obviously they were both on Earth, in the “City of Tomorrow” which was the hq of USG:

          BEN: Who is my mother?
          FRED: *Tomorrow* is your mother.
          BEN: I don’t understand. Do you mean the *city* or something else?

          and then fourth panel of the strip has a very pensive Ben. Ben has issues, as in also growing up motherless and with deep suspicions as to how “natural” his birth was.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Someone set up us, the bomb.
    *Cue disco music*