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Hello, Pioneers! It’s been months since I’ve picked up a stylus. I hope it’s not too obvious. Thanks for keeping an eye on things.


CAPTION (Mars Exterior, flashback): What’s going to become of you?
ANKA: I’ll be alright. I always find a way.
LAZARUS: Then find a way for me to stay with you.
ANKA: Wherever you go, there will be people who will care for you. People who will protect you. People who will love you.
LAZARUS: Stop treating me like an incubaby. I’m nine years old.
LAZARUS (present day): I’m ten years old. I can take care of myself.

  • Homunclus

    Poor Laz…crying cause mommy is leaving and then insisting he is a big boy. Very relatable ain’t it?

    • Yes, I hope so! After much careful deliberation, it seems clear to me that the crucial missing element in Westward is adolescent drama. The fans will roll in!

      • Homunclus

        Dude, just give Laz a Techno-Vampire-Nazi-Werewolf girlfriend and you will be rolling in cash.

        • We do have an apparently immortal Nazi or two on board, but I’m not sure I don’t feel quite up to that. Let’s make a deal: You write the fanfic, and I’ll continue to toil in obscurity.

  • bayareajohn

    Thank you E. Merry Christmas to you too!

  • bayareajohn

    I was surprised he is just ten. He looked more like 16 to me…

    • You can chalk that up to my shortcomings as an artist.

      • bayareajohn

        also thinking of cadets to be older… almost scary to think they are so young, on this trip

        • The cadets are teenagers. We know from earlier strips that the Scientific Society used young people in their observation chamber until they were old enough to become field agents.

  • bayareajohn

    And I note an inverted vulcan salute…
    “W” for Westward!

    Orthogonal to this all, “WESTWORLD” rocks. As does the recent acceleration at DRESDEN CODAK.
    A merry christmas indeed.

  • Folarx

    SciSo Members sure grow up quickly.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “I can take care of myself!”
    And at that precise moment he was tackled by flying angry creatures that resembled enraged pillow shams!
    “You have died of dysentery!” they chanted as they fluttered about his head.
    “I’m still dreaming, how unfair.” observed Lazarus.