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The Scientific Society, once a mysterious backdrop in Westward, is now taking an role in the center stage, and I’m having fun beginning to explore their dynamics. Incidentally, there are plenty of homages to classic sci-fi in Westward, but the customary farewell of the Scientific Society was shamelessly adopted wholesale. It’s just too perfect. -e


AMILA: You’re early. Is this–all from hydroponics?
MINNE: Yes, ma’am. Seaweed tonic with active cultures, protein biscuits. And algae cakes! Yuki wanted you to be the first to try them.
AMILA: You–shouldn’t have.
MINNE: Not true. Be seeing you.
FRANCIS: I didn’t know that one of the perks of your job is a personal assistant. Is it too late for me to renegotiate?
AMILA: It has nothing to do with me. Minne noticed that I live on coffee and took it upon herself to nurse me back to health.
FRANCIS: The Society youth are remarkable.
AMILA: You have no idea. Big day today, Francis. Shall we get started?

  • TheGorram Batguy

    Intrepid Author/Artist, did you perhaps intend “biscuits” in panel one in lieu of “buscuits”?
    I continue to celebrate your comic’s restored activity.

    • bayareajohn

      I think the “buscuits” are larger and carry more people than biscuits.

      But more importantly for the future, you really need to decide if it’s Minnie or Missie.

      • These aren’t the woids you’re looking for. (waves hand)

        • bayareajohn

          Move along. [click]

  • Михайло Іванович

    Nice reference to “The Prisoner” in panel two!

    • bayareajohn

      Which was stolen by Babylon 5 before E got to it.

  • TheGorram Batguy

    So, does everybody know about the Scientific Society now? If not, to what does the captain refer in panel 4 by the “Society youth”?
    …Ah, I now reread the author comment. Even so, it was not obvious to me that you’d meant that everybody knows about them. More of the main cast knows about them now than before, to be sure.
    But is it meant to still be a secret among the rank and file?

    • The way Minne greets non-cadets in the previous strip may provide something of a clue for you, Batguy. Also, Lamont’s preceding conversation with Ben.

      • bayareajohn

        More ominously, as things usually are, Minnie’s unbidden attentions and parting words may signal that she is the assigned society spy in charge of watching Santana. Or a crush…

  • Homunclus

    So if they grow the food on the ship, why is it shaped like cubes? Is it an aesthetic thing? Do they just think food in space should look like that?

    • Everybody knows that’s how food looks in space. I consulted with a variety of experts and they all agree.