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If you’re looking for a self-affirming pep talk, you can always turn to good ol’ Ben Schultz. -e


LAMONT: It isn’t as easy as that, Benjamin. They don’t–they don’t even know me.
BEN: Take a look out there. What you see?
LAMONT: I don’t see anything.
BEN: Really? Nothing at all that gives a damn about your sad little family?
BEN: Huhn. Looks like if there’s something you want, you’re going to have to take it. Good chat, buddy.

  • Folarx

    Maybe Herr Schulz is not the best address for seeking counselling, after all.

    • We’d be far less medicated as a society with therapists like that.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Ben should put up a shingle that reads “The (mad) psychiatrist is in. 5ยข”

  • toxic delirium

    So decided to start writing wetward again? You may not be seeing me much longer. I am wanted, because I know things about the Obama and Clinton regimes. Those things have been remanded to safe places. They can hurt me, but they can’t kill the truth. If I live beyond this day, it will only be by the grace of God.

    • Yes, Westward has been taking me back to my happy place lately. Please feel free to post any insider information you may have here, where no one will think to look for it.