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The final panel references the surprise Escherspace jump that took place just at the end of Episode Two and that seemed to facilitate the solidification of some of his memories. Lamont has suspected that Escherspace played a role in jarring loose his memories ever since he learned of its nature in Episode Five. -e


LAMONT: You look terrible, Ben. Have you been poking fingers in light sockets again?
BEN: Everybody needs a hobby. Please tell me you haven’t taken it upon yourself to care.
LAMONT: It’s not you I’m worried about, it’s my boy.
BEN: Lazarus? What’s wrong with him?
LAMONT: I’m afraid that the same thing that’s happened to me is happening to him. And it’s amplified by moving through Escherspace.

  • Charles Dickson

    Whoaaaaaa! New Westward? And no more Ravenlaw? This is almost like trying to keep time sorted out while reading Westward. I’ll take any new Westward, but don’t give up on Ravenlaw, please. I’ve been telling everyone I could about it, and the story had just gotten to the point where it had convinced me that I would love it no matter what happened next.

    • Hi, Charles! It’s nice to get some positive feedback on Ravenlaw! I would have loved to see more interaction from the readers—the lack of comments (and poor analytics numbers) indicated that very few if any readers were engaged with it. I hope that you continue to enjoy my efforts.

      • Charles Dickson

        Some thoughts about that: 1) URL. I sure couldn’t find the comic and I’m a fan of it. Every time I decided to check on it I would either go to westwardcomic.com and use the link from that or relied on Google to find it for me. Of course, since there’s already an actual law company called “RavenLaw” perhaps there was some concern over confusion. 2) I don’t remember a ton of comments on Westward in its early days either. 3) Westward has that giant science fiction fandom already out there that was guaranteed to find your comic because starship, Ravenlaw less so although obviously it has built-in niches too. Anyhow, I was hooked after I got over “it’s not Westward” and “this looks like a million other similar stories oh wait it’s good.”

  • TheGorram Batguy

    Woohoo! I come to the Westward site to lament the loss of such a wonderful comic, not for the first time, and I discover a bunch of new pages! Awesome! Do I dare hope it will last?

    • Hey, Batguy! It’s safe to assume that Westward is back. Don’t turn that dial.

  • bayareajohn

    Might want to get the electric white-out and remove the errant T from the end of the word “through” in the last panel.

    • It’s important to keep these little mistakes to assure readers that the strip isn’t being produced by robots.

      • bayareajohn

        Sufficiently capable robots will make calculated mistakes to hide their presence….