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Rosemary is using a little bit of hyperbole. Technically, she isn’t a Nazi spy–but she assumed the identity of a Gestapo agent back in 1948 to track down the Nazi scientist who created her. And technically, Lamont isn’t a communist sleeper agent. He was an agent of the Scientific Society, a secret organization with fairly socialistic overtones–and for a long time that fact was missing from his memory. But the point remains: Both came aboard Westward with enough secrets for several lifetimes.

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  • Folarx

    Well, you did it: I’m writing a quote from your comic on a sticky note to hang it on my office wall. I think D. Adams would have liked that guilt propulsion/explodo idea.

    • I could hardly think of a greater compliment—thanks!

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    No Lamont, Grafeneck will bow in awe of the Mustache Overlords because only worthy beings can wield such a mustache!
    Trust me.

  • Amperzand

    Wait, I’ve reached the end of the archive? Shit… Here’s hoping people with spare money to spend on patreon have managed to keep this remarkable work alive.

    • I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading Westward, Amperzand! I’m currently gearing up to begin publishing a new comics project in just about a month. You can learn more about it on my blog or Patreon page.

      • jestersghost

        Wait – so there’s not going to be any more Westward? Or it’s on a break? Or…?

        I have only just found this comic (via tvtropes) a few days ago. And /now/ it ends? *sigh*

        • Hey, Jestersghost! After five years of production, I chose to suspend Westward for a variety of reasons. If you’ve enjoyed it, please check out my current project, Ravenlaw, which launches officially on October 31. Support and feedback from readers is the lifeblood of a webcomic, and your participation really counts.

          As for Westward, I hope and expect that there will be an opportunity to resume it in the future–especially if (hint hint) there is a popular demand for it.

  • DominoMask

    How-how could you make this amazing comic and get me hooked only to stop it before it was finished? why?

    • I’ve had to answer that question many times for readers like you–and many more times for myself–so I won’t retread old territory. I’m glad you love Westward. I love it too. I hope that one day readers like you will make it impossible not to pick it up again and do it right. For now, I hope that you’ll enjoy and consider supporting Ravenlaw. I deeply appreciate your sentiments and the time you’ve taken to appreciate my work. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask.