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westward_0174 Does this feel a little familiar? Veteran readers may recall that this is not the first time Lamont’s “Nazi coin” has been returned to him by a married woman. Let’s hope it’s not a pattern.

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  • Homunclus

    LamontxCater FTW!!!!

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “Forget the coin, what’s that thing out there?”
    *A giant menacing mustache creeps along the hull…*
    “BEN! You broke reality AGAIN!”

    • It may be too late to save them.

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        “We have a coin, where are the game controls and the coin slot? If we find those we may have a chance!”
        But only if you can find the best gamer onboard in time, Lamont!