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Rosemary-and-Faust_01 Viktor Grafeneck is the German scientist responsible for the Epiphany Event that is the catalyst for Westward’s plot. As perhaps the only people aware of his link to it–and of his plan to create a new civilization of genetically perfected humans in space–Rosemary and Faust have been following his trail ever since the time of the Epiphany Event, 1949. You can read more about the pair in this article. -e

  • bayareajohn

    I note the stylized S on the collar of Carter’s suit… and note how much it looks like a simplification of the round swastikas on the storage chambers in the previous strip.

    • Great catch, John!

      • bayareajohn

        And on further examination, the article text just above the photo of Carter and Phobos says “…and the Martian who accompanied him in the small Shultzcorp…”… hence the S, from the assumed name of the Grafeneck family that continued the Nazi’s research…

        There are no coincidences.

  • scooter

    how do I get to strip #1?