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westward_0781 When the six “Unmentionables” of Westward’s senior staff made their last Escherspace jump without normalization, Milo Faust took the additional step of not being sedated either. This placed him in a similar situation as Ben Schultz, who was initiating the jump. Both came into contact with something strange and terrifying–something that Faust seemed to recognize as being related to Viktor Grafeneck, for whom he was searching. While Ben was pulled out of danger by Phobos, Milo was left to his own devices and, according to the alien entity using him as a host, lost his mind as a result of the encounter. Here, Schultz and Santana seem to have accurately predicted that his madness may be at least partially the result of a tragic but useful information overload. -e

  • sevenfivel

    A thought that’s been on the back of my mind for a while: We know that Escherspace can distort the appearance of those subjected to it, and we also know that Grafeneck and his crew went back in time with each Escherspace jump. Given what we know about Grafeneck, it seems likely that he would have gone on making Escherspace jumps, heedless of the consequences, until he found something that satisfied him. Given all that, it seems possible that those “ancient aliens” could actually be Grafeneck and his crew, or their descendants. Or maybe just that thing that Ben and Faust saw, if it was something different in the first place.

    • Your logic is sound! We know that Alice Donovan led the Martians to earth in the very distant past and there woke up the incorporeal alien entities. Some of these entities were exiled in deep space, where they were eventually forced by gravity to inhabit the bodies of their physical slaves. Finally, they were freed by the crew of Westward to enact their revenge. The antilinear (new word!) nature of Escherspace makes all sorts of weird things possible.

    • bayareajohn

      I was thinking the Martians are actually descendants of Edjamin’s saucer folk.

      • They would have to be sent really far in time. But as we’ve seen, anything is possible!

  • bayareajohn

    I’m getting the feeling the Smoketapi are going to be the heros of this story.

    • Now that they’ve successfully invaded earth, you can look forward to learning more about them in Arizona…assuming patronage grows enough to take us that far!

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Uh oh…

    • Yes, Matt! Excellent connection!

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        But Faust said that Milo lost his mind.
        So a few pages back when “Milo” says “HE’S getting anxious”, he could be referring to either Faust, himself, or Grafeneck in whatever form he evenrually became.

        • The incorporeal alien laid low in Faust for quite some time before it made itself known. In fact, it seemed to be completely hidden until after that last fateful Escherspace jump. Presumably, when Faust went insane, the entity had to “ape” his personality rather than simply receding into the background. It did a passable, but not perfect job. Later on, though, Rosemary seemed to conclude that the entity was no longer controlling Faust. If she’s right, he’s insane, but no longer possessed.

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            I’m not certain it isn’t still there.
            Of course, that is somewhat ambiguous at the moment and you will give a reveal later on.

          • Yes, I can assure you that the mystery will be unraveled in time. 🙂

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            Before or after Ben breaks and unravels time itself?
            *Looking at Ben*
            I can see that happening too.
            “Ben, you broke it, you fix it!”

          • Folarx

            “Congrats, Ben: you just broke time. Hope you brought your dad’s check book with you – because YOU BREAK IT, YOU BUY IT!”

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            “But my grandfather broke it first!”

          • Folarx

            – “Yes, and we are going to have a word with your grandfather about that, as well.
            As a grown-up, he should know better.”

          • bayareajohn

            Smokey got into the first crew member by entering through the blood. Since then, we know it moved to Milo, presumably through contact with the first body… since then, we’ve witnessed at least two open-blood incidents with Milo, with Carter and with Lamont. One wonder why TWO… if it just moves. What if it multiplies instead?

            So If ole smokey isn’t still in Faust it’s

            A) because something (the escherspace encounter with The Great Neck?) flushed it out, or

            B) it is one incarnation that moves on, or

            C) It multiples but had to leave Milo…

            So there’s really ONE strong candidate for were smokey is – Lamont, the last one we saw bloodied by the inhabited and explicity threatening Smoked Milo. Since Lamont was awake for that scene, and hasn’t mentioned it since to anyone, it’s pretty certain to be in him, hiding and suppressing his memory or controlling him outright..

            Carter – maybe him too, but that would require that Smokey has children. Maybe a lot by now.

      • bayareajohn

        I am freshly taken with the visual similarity of Carter and Faust in that particular strip. Too similar for coincidence or accident of drawing. Could Faust be another incarnation of Carter?