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westward_0804 Amila Santana had a comparatively long history with the Martian Phobos, having known him since the inception of the Westward project and been privy to more of his secrets than most. There also may have been a hint of romance in their relationship. In any case, their bond was strong enough that even when Phobos’ brain was returned to Mars, Amila felt that her place was with him. It was during her time in Mars’ womb, as it were, that she contacted Benjamin to warn him off his course at the time. Despite Ben’s hatred for the Martians and their agendas, Amila has never written him off entirely. But does she know that Ben is responsible for Phobos’ death? -e

  • sevenfivel

    Of course there has always been some question as to whether Ben was fully responsible for actions as opposed to being controlled by someone (or something) else.

    • True, sevenfivel–but he did more or less own up to it with his father.

      • sevenfivel

        Yeah, but that just raises another question: Did he really know what was going on? For that matter does anyone? I’ve always felt like this comic keeps raising more questions than answers. . . .

        • It does! That’s what makes life interesting, and I hope it helps keep Westward interesting too.

          • sevenfivel

            I’m guessing that’s one thing that keeps people coming back to this comic.