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Readers may recall that back in Episode Five: Ghosts, Ben tried his hand at what could have been a mutiny–except that nobody actually likes him. He’s standing on the same platform as always, though: The accusation that Westward was a pawn in a Martian conspiracy. -e

  • Folarx

    Thing is, Ben sounds like much less of a nutball now.
    Speaking of Mr Schulz: did the scene with him commanding the Alamo take place already?
    Was that prior to the seed’s impact?
    Will we get to see more about that?

    • We know from past strips that Ben has an agenda, but he does seem to be learning tact along the way. Well, sometimes.
      Yes, the scene in #1016 took place prior to this, preceding the “end of the world.” I’m trying to speed up the pace a bit by moving the story out of Ascension, but that sequence of events will almost certainly be clarified in the future in both Westward and Arizona.