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This week you’ll learn more about the new Westward and its mission. You’ll also see more of the ship itself.

If you happen to be a Westward Pioneer, you can look forward to getting the real inside track as the Ship Shape series continues on Westward’s Patreon page. That’s where you can get behind-the-scenes details about Westward’s design and development process along with sneak peeks of what’s yet to come. It’s my way of saying “thank you” to supporters like Folarx, who have partnered with me to help keep Westward flying forward into a bigger, better tomorrow. Thanks, Pioneers!

  • sevenfivel

    “People hardly ever see what they’re not already looking for.” Too true, and its corollary, too: People who do see things they’re not looking for, even if only occasionally, are thought to “have problems.” Even if they don’t come across as crack pots, they generally have a have a hard time doing routine work (“normal work”) or getting it done on time.

    • You sound like you’re speaking from experience. 🙂

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    LOL, they really did make a break from Mars cops.

    • Traveled into space? Check. Saw a ghost? Check. Traveled through time? Check. Faked your own death? CHECK, BABY.