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It seems fitting that, having gotten a month into our Westward relaunch, we should have a nice new Westward…doesn’t it? And what better way to introduce her? If all this leaves you a little confused–well, first of all, you should be used to that by now as a Westward reader. And second of all, it’ll be explained in more detail soon.

If you want ALL the details about the new Westward and the creative process behind her development, look no further than Westward’s Patreon page. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been making regular updates in a behind-the-scenes series called “Ship Shape” that explores the creative process of Westward’s design, from its beginnings as a Federation starship in Star Trek fanfic all the way up to this new design. Each article includes downloadable high-resolution renderings of Westward in its various stages. Patreon is the place to be if you want the in-depth details about Westward’s creative and design process.

It’s also the place to be if you like Westward and want to support its continued publication and growth. Westward requires hours of work every day to maintain its production schedule, and its Patreon supporters help make that possible. Every new supporter brings me closer to my goal of producing better Westward content more often by being able to choose Westward instead of bread-and-butter freelance work. Thanks, Patrons! -e

  • bayareajohn

    I am reminded of the Jupiter 2 launch in the Movie remake. The familiar ship blows away revealing a new design…

    • The “Lost in Space” remake is, I’m sure, a big inspiration to us all.

      • bayareajohn

        It did have the BEST.SMITH.EVER.
        Not much else to like. Well, Penny was cool.

        • It shares a place among a small collection of movies that I’ve watched more than once, so I might as well embrace it. Let’s face it: The source material was cool, but not exactly sophisticated.

  • bayareajohn
  • Homunclus

    So is this like a streamlined Westward, without all the areas for the colonists and their cargo?

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “We’ve made a break from the mars cops, now let’s get outta here before they figure it out!”
    “Uh, guys? What would they pull us over with even if they did figure it out?”

    • That reminds me of a sequence in the abandoned series of strips I did between the hiatus and relaunch. I’ll be sharing more about that series in Patreon posts once the relaunch builds a little more steam.

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Sounds like fun!