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This might seem familiar to veteran readers, because it’s a retelling of the scene in #0471, back at the end of Episode Three: Purgatory. The story has come full circle, and next week we’ll continue to follow the crew of Westward from this point forward. But we won’t leave Arizona behind! Her story continues in its own comic strip, exclusively available to Westward patrons. It’s just one of several ways that I say “thank you” to the loyal Pioneers who help make the continued growth of Westward possible. Check it out! -e

  • Folarx

    … aaand I’m hooked again.

  • Wait! What’s he wearing on his head in panel 2? Is that the martian or not?

    • That’s the headset that members of the Scientific Society use to navigate between parallel worlds. And, yes, he’s definitely *a* Martian.

      • Widmerpool makes a good point, since the Scientific Society relocated to Mars in anticipation of things going badly for Earth.

  • Homunclus

    Spoiler alert: The boy doesn’t notice ;(