• bayareajohn

    Home? Whose home will it be?

    • He could mean Mars, since he’s made it clear that he doesn’t expect to be able to return to Earth in its current state. Earlier, Ben made a similar statement: “Save humanity, and go home.” (http://westwardcomic.com/strips/0980/) It’s worth noting that he didn’t say, “Save the world,” though that *could* have been what he meant. Just prior, he was involved in hatching a plan using Westward’s Escherspace engines that he believed could save or at least preserve the Earth (http://westwardcomic.com/strips/0974/), but Santana seemed intent on dissuading him from going through with it.

  • Homunclus

    Oh, gosh! Only a few hours away now!

    Can you contain the excitement?!

    • The excitement was slightly contained when, upon launch, I discovered a fatal flaw in the strip navigation structure. But it seems to be working now! This website will explode if not properly contained–much like a toaster.

      • Homunclus

        Maybe it was a problem with one of the Internet’s communication satellites. All that cold space air seeping inside and freezing stuff…

        • Ha ha! Actually it was a logistical flaw that I never caught until it was causing a problem. The good news is that it can sometimes be easier to get out of a PHP rut than a continuity error.