• Homunclus

    Well then. I got a sudden impulse to check this out and here we are 🙂

    That said, and I apologize if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I signed up for the mailing account…that said, really glad to see you back, can’t believe its been a whole year…

    Also you have the wrong link in your relaunch announcement page, it just leads to an error message.

    • Hi, Homunclus! It doesn’t feel like a year for me either, but it’s certainly been too long. I’m still putting all the pieces in place and will probably have an email announcement soon.

      Do you mean: http://westwardcomic.com/relaunch-announcement/ …?

      • Homunclus

        I guess that is fair enough 😀

        And yeah. That page contains two links. The one on the upper right corner works, the one bellow in the middle of the text does not.

        • Aha! Thanks, I fixed it. Part of the relaunch is a new site on a new CMS. It was really sad to lose all the old comments, but you can’t stop progress, I suppose…