episode01 | #01-001 | Frontier Town. | Published Thursday, December 31, 2009
Westward #01-001: Frontier Town.
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Frontier Town.

Westward begins with the inner monologue of Lamont Townsend, one of the story's central characters. The art in these early strips is very "experimental," to put it gently. I'm not a fantastic artist by any stretch of the imagination, but later on I manage to settle into my own style a bit more and the art becomes more consistent. Oh, and one minor fail: Lamont begins his monologue by recording the date in the American fashion of Month, Day, Year. Of course, the character is from London, and hereafter I get my act together and make sure that he records it like an Englishman: Day, Month, Year. -e


You've just secured your place in history, my friend.
I already liked Westward before it was cool
I liked westward-types before it was cool to say "I liked westward before it was cool" 'cause westward didn't exist yet. I crave other webcomics like it, spinoffs or same genre.
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