episode01 | #01-013 | Any sufficiently advanced technology... | Published Monday, January 04, 2010
Westward #01-013: Any sufficiently advanced technology...
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Any sufficiently advanced technology...


Those little booths they stand in are straight out of "This Island Earth." Come to think of it, Phobus slightly resembles Exeter. Eek, I love a good retro reference.

22 fans, old man! You're on the move!

Actually, I got the idea from "Forbidden Planet." I think it creates a good separation between travel that's normal—adhering to the laws of physics—and travel that's abnormal, unnatural, and dangerous.
Ah yes, the holy trinity: abnormal, unnatural and dangerous. I enjoy the use of colour and the way it harkens back to a similar palette employed in the original Banana Splits comics which followed the oft-maligned TV series. Sadly, that brilliant work was too far removed from the mainstream and was tragically cancelled by Gold Key after its premiere issue. I sincerely hope that the same fate does not await Westward; best wishes.
The pods always reminded me of the chambers to protect crew against acceleration changes in The Forever War.
I wonder if they never had a Dark Ages or a shorter one? Might explain why they are so far ahead of us in 1998.
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