Westward is a science fiction comic strip produced by Elliot Toman. Drawing inspiration from classic sci-fi like Star Trek and Forbidden Planet, it tells the story of mankind’s first journey into interstellar space using technology far beyond their comprehension, and of the strange and often disastrous consequences of opening a cosmic can of worms with each fearful choice.

First published beginning in January of 2010, Westward now consists of over 1,000 strips. The story is serial in nature, following a group of characters forward and back in time as they grapple with cosmic dangers and with their own personal demons. Though it has its fair share of adventure, romance and even a little comedy, Westward is complex and often challenging. The best way to read it is definitely to take the time to start from the beginning. You can read the story in big episodic chunks using the archive.

If anything leaves you scratching your head along the way, don’t worry! Just leave a comment on the strip or right here on this page, and Elliot will fill you in with backstory, biographies and maybe even an occasional spoiler.